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George was in the process of letting out the bath when the dog nosed his way into the bathroom. The big mutt loved the water and she couldn’t believe he’d managed to weasel his way in….


Evelyn woke up to a gorgeous deep blue sky and a bright sun. It looked like the perfect day to be out in the garden! She needed to get her veggie patch prepared for the coming spring, and her small patch of lawn…


Joe was having a wall knocked down to connect his lounge room and dining room when a builder knocked through a pipe that hadn’t been on the plans. No one could even figure out why the pipe…



Facts About Plumber Ashfield

Ashfield is one of Sydney’s Inner West suburbs, located approximately 9 kilometres south-west of the city’s CBD. It is a very multicultural suburb with only 41% of its residents being Australian born. Its Victorian buildings and mix of Federation style houses and post-war apartment blocks further add to the suburb’s infinite culture. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy numerous heritage walks in Ashfield.

Ashfield Park is well-known and loved for its sizeable palms, war memorial, children’s playground featuring a Mary Poppins statue (in commemoration of P.L. Travers who wrote 5 of the Mary Poppins tales and lived in Ashfield for some time), a sporting oval and more. Pratten Park and Hammond Park are the two major sporting grounds in Ashfield, mostly used for cricket and soccer matches.

Plumbing problems do not discriminate – whether you live in one of Ashfield’s heritage houses or a new apartment, a plumbing issue is bound to arise sooner or later. The moment it does, do not hesitate to call your friendly neighbourhood plumbers at Plumber Ashfield. They’ll take care of you!

Plumber Ashfield

The top 7 reasons why you should call us right now…



Our technicians at Plumber Ashfield will arrive at your place for their job in neat work uniforms. After they have completed your plumbing work, they will do a careful tidy up, ensuring no mess is left behind



We hold integrity in high regard and we are always transparent about our prices. The price we give you before starting a job is guaranteed and will not contain any hidden charges



All the plumbing work we do for our valued customers is fully guaranteed, as is complete customer satisfaction



Plumbing problems can strike at any time of day or night. Instead of panicking when your toilet starts overflowing at midnight, call Plumber Ashfield! Plumber Ashfield is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Now that’s reassuring!



Services are not only cost-effective, but before our plumber leaves your premises, he will take a good look at the rest of your plumbing at no extra cost to you to make sure there are no other problems that need to be addressed for your peace of mind



Work vans are stocked with the tools and supplies our plumbers need to address your plumbing issue. What’s more, they will be at your property when they say they will. We acknowledge that your time is important!



Our plumbers at Plumber Ashfield are proficient and professional plumbers who are dedicated to their trade and take great pride in every job they do for each of our valued customers

Call Plumber Ashfield on 0402 229 778 today for a same day plumbing service that is fast, reliable, friendly and affordable! As a way of showing our gratitude towards our customers, you can save $25 if you book a job with us online!

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Plumber Ashfield offers you the following plumbing services:

Fitting and repair of gas lines, bayonets and LPG conversions

Servicing or replacement of hot water heater systems

Cleaning, relining, repair or replacement of your sewer system

Repair or complete replacement of taps that are no longer performing effectively

Maintenance and installation of rainwater tanks

Repair of old toilets or replacement and installation of your new toilet unit

Repair of leaking pipework/reconstruction of pipework in PVC

What People Say

"Very good work and good explanations given"




"Very good work and good explanations given"

"David was most professional in all aspects of the job today. He was able to offer suggestions for the repair of the problem. I was most impressed with the level of service provided by both David and Jess"




"David was most professional in all aspects of the job today. He was able to offer suggestions for the repair of the problem. I was most impressed with the level of service provided by both David and Jess"

"Matthew was helpful and explained everything he would do well. We would call him back again."




"Matthew was helpful and explained everything he would do well. We would call him back again."

"Quick and efficient job with complete explanation of issues and concerns"




"Quick and efficient job with complete explanation of issues and concerns"

Plumber Ashfield solved the problem of bub’s tub that wouldn’t drain!

John and Amy’s little girl Ally was enjoying her nightly bubble bath after a lovely afternoon at the park with Amy’s mums’ group. Amy was supervising her and John was getting started on chopping the vegies for their evening dinner. After Amy pulled Ally out of the bath and started towel drying her hair, Amy noticed that the bath water wasn’t swirling down the drain as it normally did. In fact, it barely moved. Amy called John in to have a look. John told Amy he’d go out to the laundry and grab the plunger which he quickly returned with. The plunging didn’t seem to rectify the issue and having heard that attempting to unclog a drain with tools from the shed could result in unwanted damage to the tub and pipes, John decided to call on the help of a plumber. John promptly gave his neighbour Matt a call to ask him the name of the plumber he’d called upon recently for an overflowing toilet issue. Matt told him he’d called Plumber Ashfield who were located only a few minutes away and had proven themselves to be true professionals from the word go. Trusting Matt’s word, John gave Plumber Ashfield a call. He was told that a plumber could come over that evening if it was an emergency but John said it could wait until the morning, and was then informed that a plumber would be over before midday.

As promised, a friendly plumber from Plumber Ashfield arrived at John and Amy’s doorstep at 11:10am the following morning. After giving the couple pricing for the plumbing work he’d been called over to do, he had a good look at the plumbing attached to the bath with the aid of a sewer camera. He discovered that the clogged drain wasn’t too serious an issue – the pipes were filled with clumps of hair and soap chips and a few stray hair pins! These were relatively easily removed and within a short time, the plumber had the bathtub draining beautifully. Amy was relieved. Not only was the work affordable, but little Ally was going to be able to have her bath before dinner later that day as usual. She loved bath-time more than anything!

For plumbing issues of any nature, any time of day, call your friendly neighbourhood plumbers at Plumber Ashfield on 0402 229 778. Professional service with a smile is their specialty!

Plumber AshfieldPlumber Ashfield