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Ashfield No Hot Water

Joe was having a wall knocked down to connect his lounge room and dining room when a builder knocked through a pipe that hadn’t been on the plans. No one could even figure out why the pipe had been there in the first place. Hot water was gushing out of the wall, so Joe raced to the laundry to turn of the hot water system. Only, the tap wouldn’t budge. One of the other builders tried to help, but still, the tap would not give.

Unable to stop the water at the hot water tank, they had to turn off water at the mains. Joe then looked up a plumber on his phone. He rang the first number he found and was delighted to find the Plumber was able to stop by between jobs and have a look.

The Plumber was there in next to no time, knocking on the door. He examined the tap and informed Joe a new isolation valve was required. He could also help cap off the odd pipe as well, if they needed it removed. Joe agreed and watched as the Plumber immediately set to work, pulling apart the old tap and installing a new one. He tested it and then went to have a look at the pipe. Once he’d capped it off, he turned on the water mains and tested the isolation valve. He also double checked the piping he’d done, before he left.

For such speedy and efficient service, Joe saved the Ashfield Plumbers number into his phone for next time.

If you require a local Ashfield Plumber to help out with your hot water system emergencies, call 0402 229 778 .

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