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Ashfield Plumbing Emergency

Evelyn woke up to a gorgeous deep blue sky and a bright sun. It looked like the perfect day to be out in the garden! She needed to get her veggie patch prepared for the coming spring, and her small patch of lawn out the front of her Ashfield home was filled with an embarrassing amount of weeds after the warm snap of weather they’d been having. She devised her plan as she ate breakfast. First she would weed, then she’d tackle her new square of dirt. The plan was to become as vegetable self-sufficient as possible. It was an exciting concept and she hoped she’d be able to keep her food alive!

Evelyn stretched and stood up. She was fairly sure she was already slightly sunburnt, but at least the lawn was lovely and de-weeded now! She worked the kinks out of her spine and headed around the back to start turning over the soil for her veggie patch. As she began to work she noticed her garden tap was dripping. Glad for an excuse to take a break, Evelyn turned it off and returned to what she was doing. About half an hour later she realised the tap was still leaking. She turned it off again, only to realise it was now dribbling. The ground was fairly damp under the tap, so this had clearly been going on for a while. Concerned, she tried once more, only to have the tap come away in her hand. She stared in horror as the water turned from a dribble to a torrent. All of her tank water would be flooded through her house soon! She ran inside and found the number for her local Ashfield Plumber. As luck would have it, she caught the Plumber between jobs, so he headed straight to her. The local Plumber got to work immediately once he saw the problem. He isolated water to the tank and set about replacing the old garden tap. He worked quickly and efficiently, repairing the problem with expertise. Once done he restored water and tested the tap. It shut off easily and no longer dripped.

Whether it’s the smell of gas, or a sudden flood of water in your home, your local Ashfield Plumber is capable of helping resolve your plumbing emergency. Call now on 0402 229 778!

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Many plumbers work on typical business hours from Monday to Friday, however in numerous occurrences, this isn’t when you require them the most. Plumbing emergencies frequently choose more lows than the ideal minutes to happen, incorporating the middle of the night.

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