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Blocked Drain Specialists

Blocked Drains and Blocked Stormwater Pipes can be a homeowner's worst nightmare but with us looking after your home drainage you can relax. We take the worry out of blocked drain by using the latest advances in drain clearing technology such as the water jetter and CCTV drain camera.

The main causes of a blocked drain - either stormwater or sewer are:

  • Tree roots, get into your pipes and grow inside until they completely block the pipe.
  • Debris in the pipes such as silt and building materials
  • Faults in the sewer line.


Clearing your Blocked Drain

Blocked Drains can be declared several ways, not all method are suitable for your drain but once on site the plumber can assess the right method for you.

  1. High Strength Drain Acid
  2. Plunging the toilet/sink
  3. RootX – Foaming root inhibitor
  4. Bioclean – an environmentally friendly preventative drain cleaning agent.
  5. Water Jet Drain Cleaner

Ashfield Blocked Drain

George was in the process of letting out the bath when the dog nosed his way into the bathroom. The big mutt loved the water and she couldn’t believe he’d managed to weasel his way in. She grabbed for his collar, but missed as he threw himself into the draining water. He splashed around for a bit, then decided there wasn’t enough water to play in. Seeing that his Mum was clearly up for a game, he ducked under her arms and raced out the door, spraying soapy water everywhere. George was about to race out after him so he wouldn’t get on the couch when a strange noise stopped her. The drain in the floor was gurgling. She glanced back to the bath and noticed there was still a fair bit of water to drain. George chased after the dog and managed to lock him outside before she thought about the drain again. It was probably something to get looked at. The last house she’d lived had been plagued with drainage issues, and that was not something she wanted to repeat.

She rang the Plumber she had used in her old house in Five Dock and was delighted when he said he would be able to tend to her new address as well. The Ashfield Plumber arrived the next day, with a quick call ahead to warn her so she could lock her excitable dog outside. He investigated the drain and found it was a build-up of soap scum and hair. There was nothing more sinister then a common blockage found in most houses. George was incredibly relieved and grateful, as always, for the Ashfield Plumbers honest diagnosis and help. The Plumber cleared out the problem by plunging and pouring drain acid through the floorwaste to break up and dissolve the issue. He then washed a couple of buckets through the drain to ensure it was all clear before packing up.

Do you require the assistance of a local Ashfield Plumber to help clear your blocked drains? Call now on 0402 229 778 and book an appointment!

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